Blue buttons red dress
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I treasure a button, sky blue, round. Sometimes sitting in a gucci bags small window, the blue button on the palm, under the moon Kiyoteru look, soft and touching glowing blue buttons shiny, just like a crystal blue dream.
Dream Village, a juvenile period of
gucci the story has been gone for many years.
That year I was admitted to the town's middle school, to see many new faces. I was fond of the painting, one by one will be written with a broken face painting them to my rough drawing paper. Now it seems, is to paint a
lv bag grotesque nature, filth, that time it was won many of the students cheered. Since then I have a little know how to highlight the features, which often have some "spirit of the document." Such as the nose painted tall as the chimney, the students know is a high nose Tang Guangning, will paint a wide mouth, such as basin, no lv bags doubt a big mouth Sun Xiaoquan. I almost every day to complete a "masterpiece", while all the time to buy lunch, stick with saliva behind the walls of replica watch the classroom, we returned to the classroom will have a good joke. If the painting is his own, then naturally yellow face and laughter in someone else's tune tear to tear to pieces. A few girls a few days so that I can Ziyaliezui Within the wide. Fortunately no one was reported to the replica watches class teacher where to go, because I was always the first test scores, class teachers very good relationship with me, secretly told me to call him brother, though he has 50 some of the.
Not long afterwards, the class is almost more than 60 paintings have been in my bright phase, and finally they left Baizi Hui. Baizi Hui is a
Louis Vuitton quiet girl, always wearing a light blue Floral old shirt, cuffs have two patches.
She was a girl embarrassed me. Goes on the little face is white Peugeot was great, I looked back to capture "feature" of the time, often journeying to see spent. I spent a whole morning to draw her picture, but I really do not catch the slightest very funny place. Finally, I dyed with red ink in her mouth, lips red ink leaking outside, "she said," Attempt to
gucci 2010 do me drink it like blood, ferocious and terrifying.
Lunch, when everyone is of course another busy laughing, big shot of my ass. Bai Zihui then sat quietly, reading the Song.
If others will portraits must rip off, but Bai Zihui no. Bell rang, the teacher's footsteps near, Bai lp


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