Diablo Immortal sadly isn't an outlier when it comes
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While the game's Combat Rating stat is capped in PvP to provide a more fair playing field, powerful Legendary Gem effects and the Resonance boosts for stats the gems offer aren't so D2R Items, which means that players dressed in the game's top 5 Star Legendary Gems (which also, as previously mentioned, can only be obtained by paying money) are guaranteed to decimate free-to-play players. 


These types of paid systems aren't new for a lot of gaming platforms, including free or portable RPGs. Genshin Impact, for example, is one of the most played and popular free-to play games across the globe. It's an over-the-top slot machine (aka Gacha System) where players spend real money in order to win rare characters and weapons that are vastly superior to those that free-to-play players can access. 


Lost Ark, which just as Diablo Immortal, is a cost-free ARPG, allows players directly purchase items to upgrade gear from its in-game store. What is different between these two examples that are Diablo Immortal, however, is that Genshin Impact is PvE only and Lost Ark balances its PvP in order to make sure that all stats are equal to create a fair and challenging environment. 


If you ignore the PvP aspect, Diablo Immortal sadly isn't an outlier when it comes to popular free-to-play RPGs and it does nothing that cash-extraction mobile games haven't previously done. The microtransactions that Diablo Immortal offers aren't the first time for the Diablo franchise. When Diablo launched the game in 2012. it had a real-money auction house where players could sell their game-related items in exchange in exchange for cash. 


with Blizzard taking a cut of each transaction. When players reached more difficult levels and progress slowed down some felt compelled to interact with the auction house in order to improve their character. Blizzard received feedback from players and ultimately removed the auction house from Diablo completely cheap D2R ladder items, indicating that they had learnt from the experience. 

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